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Where you’ll get tips on how to mindfully 

TOSS your waste and plastic & 

SWAP in sustainable alternatives.

It’s hard to know where to begin in doing your part in making the changes our Earth desperately needs. We feel panicked and overwhelmed by the problem and most people don’t know where to start in making a difference. We don’t all have the time and money to shop for sustainable products exclusively. To the standard consumer, it’s simply not as accessible as the plastic or plastic-packaged. These are massive issues that are out of our immediate control but there are many little things we can easily do.  It’s just a matter of changing a small habit or daily routine.  

Let’s start with the little stuff.

The smaller pieces of plastic that pass through our hands briefly that are  one of the biggest problems but also the most in our control.  All those plastic straws, lids, wrappers, bottles, cheap clothing items, every little bit of rubbish, finds it’s way even faster into our environment - often straight into the bellies of our fellow creatures. They are breaking down into micro plastics unseen but in our food and water. And they never go away.  

As consumers, we take ownership of everything that passes through our hands.  It is our responsibility to first reduce our consumption of plastic and waste but also dispose of these things carefully and consciously when we’re done with them.  

Example of a small way we can collectively make a difference:


Next time you find yourself about to get a bag of potato chips at the store, stop and think.  

You can get that salty potato craving met with hot, fresh, crispy chips instead of a plastic encased bag of potatoes saturated with preservatives. Make your own chips at home or go eat out and order fries.  By eating in on a plate or bowl, you save a plastic bag  from landfill where it will sit forever.  Forever.

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Contact the manufacturer and request they change the packaging to something compostable like 

bioplastic so you can keep buying their product.  I bet they’ll listen!



A bit about me and why I'm doing this project... 

I'm originally from California but have lived in Melbourne, Australia for almost 10 years.  I married an Australian on the Burning Man playa in 2011 and we now have two sweet, wild kids.  Professionally, I am an illustrator and graphic designer but for the last six years, I have put most of my work on hold to be a stay-at-home mom. As the main household manager I’ve become painfully aware of how dependent we are on the convenience of plastics, especially as busy parents of young kids. I feel sick coming home from a grocery store with bags full of plastic-wrapped products but feel trapped by lack of alternatives.

2019 has been our year of change! I’ve been researching, writing, sketching and testing products.  We’re gradually phasing out the plastic and cutting back on waste.  I’ve been documenting our journey as I’ve  researched more sustainable living habits.  I am always Googling how to dispose of something consciously and what I can swap in instead to avoid the waste.   The more research I do, the more ideas and initiatives I can think of to push us towards a plastic-free future.  I realised I was compiling a guidebook in all my note taking and sketches so I'm sharing it all with the world!  :)

I want to be clear from the beginning that I am far from living a perfectly sustainable lifestyle.   

I see our journey toward sustainable living as an individual commitment.  There’s nothing to be gained by judging each other’s lifestyle or consuming habits.  That includes judging yourself.  Be patient and understand that the mind shift involved is gradual.  I aim to help the transition to live more sustainably be EASY by offering illustrated, simple ideas and tips.  Don't be sucked into guilt-trippy and unrealistic campaigns such as a plastic-free month. You'll be doomed to fail and get frustrated.  Start small and approach your transition methodically instead.

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